Monday, July 16, 2012

Victim later turned into suspect

Two students of Yangchenphug Higher Secondary were arrested for battering a 24-year old man in Central Plaza in Thinphu on June 7.
The case was reported by one informer to the police when the informant found one man being stabbed at around 7pm while the crime occurred at around 6 pm.
The incident occurred when the victim who is a school dropout, went to the entire neighbor’s place looking for his wife and entered into a house where the two boys were residing and after he strangled one of the two boys, they took him out to the corridor and kicked him in every parts of his body; banged him on the pillars and wall of the buildings.
The boys in their statement stated that the victim was annoying them and was insisting them by saying that they would know about where his wife must have been.
 The boys after battered the man left him lying in the corridor and have gone to their home.
However he followed them to their place and met with the cook who is working with one of the restaurant in Central Plaza and he stopped him from finding the boys.
When he insisted to follow the boy, the cook lifted him up and dropped down on the cemented corridor and the cook left him.
Later when the cook was walking to his home, the man stabbed him from the back, which the police describe as a clean and regular major cut on the outer aspect of the right eye and on the right shoulder blade.
The police recovered the kitchen knife from the victim who later turned into a suspect.
The four suspects were arrested on the same day and they are under the police custody for necessary action.

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