Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First Zhabdrung Dagnangma
Thongdrel unveiled

Hundreds of people
g a t h e r e d w h e n
a Z h a b d r u n g
Dagnangma Thongdrel (giant
appliqué scroll) was unfurled in
Semthokha Dzong in Thimphu
coinciding with the death
anniversary of Zhabdrung
The Thongdrel is believed to
be the first one in the country
out of many manifestations of
the Zhabdrung. It was created
with the support of sponsors and
ex-students of the Institute of
Language and Cultural Studies
(ILCS) who were at the institute
from 1961 to 2012.
According to Kunzang Dorji,
a Community Secretary, the day
is significant in the Buddhist
It is believed that the mere
viewing of the unfurled Thongdrel
will cleanse viewers of their sins,
earn them merit, and misfortune
awaiting them will be averted.
The Thongdrel which is 14 feet
long and 16 feet wide is preserved
at Semthokha Dzong and will be
unfurled during every Zhabdrung
Kuchoe( death anniversary of
Zhabdrung ).
The works on the Thongdroel
began last year with a budget of
Nu 1.7 mn.

7 dead in three caraccidents

Three Indians from
West Bengal and two
Bhutanese nationals
were killed in a car accident in
Taktikotey in Chukha around 5
pm yesterday.
The Santro car carrying
five passengers including the
driver were heading towards
Phuntsholing from Thimphu.
According to police officials,
the car fell about 200 meters
below the road when it took a
slight turn and veered off the
Among the two Bhutanese
nationals who died the 24 yearold
driver was from Trashigang
and the other 26-year-old
deceased was from Dagana.
The three Indian passengers
were construction workers
with a Bhutanese Construction
company and were heading
towards their hometown.
The dead bodies of the three
Indian workers were handed
over to their families as soon as it
was recovered from the site. The
bodies were recovered with the
help of Bhutanese construction
company owner and the rescue
All the deceased had died due
to severe head injuries.
This is the third car accident in
a week which saw 7 deaths due to
vehicle accidents.
A car accident in Buddha point
in Thimphu killed one student
at around 2 pm on 1st May,
2012. In another car accident in
Khaling, Trashigang the vehicle
carrying a whole family fell about
100 meters below the road and
killed one while the other family
members was referred for critical
The police are still
investigating the probable causes
of all three car accidents.
According to the police
officials car accidents are usually
caused either due to negligence
or mechanical failure.