Saturday, June 30, 2012

Man batters woman in an attempt to rape, Man sentenced to four years

The Thimphu District court sentenced a man from Samtse to four years of imprisonment for aggravated battery and  criminal attempt to rape a 24 year-old married women.
On April 20 at around 10 pm the convict 26 year-old Passang Dorji Tamang eve-teased the victim and later attempted to rape her. He slapped her, pulled her hair, kicked and broke two teeth, the right upper lateral incisor and lower lateral incisor.
The convict molested the victim, touching her breast and private parts. The victim managed to escape when she bit the convict’s hand.
The case was reported to the police at night and the victim was taken to the hospital for medical examination which ruled that the convict attempted sexual penetration and had bruised her breasts and private parts.
The assailant was arrested after a week later and admitted to the crime.
In the course of the hearing, it has been established that the victim is a married woman and to meet the end of justice, the charge has been amended in accordance with section 187.3of the Civil and Criminal Procedure Code of Bhutan (CCPCB).
The convict appeared for the final hearing on June 28 in the Thimphu District Court.
The defendant Passang Dorji Tamang is also directed to pay Nu 50,000 as per section 38 and 42 as a compensation and ancillary and incidental expenses incurred on the account of the offence committed by the defendant.
The court further directed if the defendant defaults on the payment of compensation, the defendant shall be in contempt of court and may be imprisoned until the fine is either paid or recovered as per section 43 of the penal code.
The court after consideration of mitigating and aggravating factors, ordered the sentence of two years for criminal attempt to rape a married woman and two years for aggravated battery to run consecutively since the defendant posed grave risk to the victim’s life when he battered the victim and attempted to rape her.
The parties to the case can file an appeal within 10 days of passing the judgment.
The victim is still undergoing medical treatment.

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